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One of the most eye-opening moments in life is the awareness surrounding your own parents’ fallibility. The epiphany that parenthood is no different from any other phase of life we enter entirely…


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The Murmuring is murmuring?

Guillermo del Toro picture

Halloween is closer and closer, and we got some early nice surprises with the new series Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities. As a horror fan myself, I couldn’t wait to get into this and watch it. So today I watched the first episode named The Murmuring and I’m here to tell you what was good and bad about it. Be wary SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

Well the episode starts in an interesting way if I may say, with an old man dying of a hearth attack. Weirdly enough we see him cutting some rabbit meat but we don’t know anything about him yet, and with this we’re gonna have a problem later.

We have as our main character Nick Appleton, who apparently owns money to a “gang” or something, and we find him betting some money on storage units. We find out pretty fast that he’s hand in hand with the guy owning the place and he actually buy tips about the units that he should bet on from him. The unit he bought was actually owned by the old man who died at the beginning, and we see some footage of him entering and leaving the unit daily in a weird way. He always jumped 3 times forward before entering, and again 3 times while leaving. Hopefully we find out why he did this later right? WELL TOO BAD WE DON’T!

Now before going further, we also have another character introduced to us. An older lady which owned a unit, that was also bought by Nick Appleton. We find out that the lady couldn’t pay the rent for the unit in time because of different problems that are not that important, and she tries speaking with Nick about it to at least give her back the personal family stuff like pictures and letters. He doesn’t want to give her anything back, and oh well, she’s getting mad at him. Anyway this is gonna be important a little later.

Now finally Nick opens his newly bought unit and he finds out some occult items, like a table with pentagram on it.

Cabinets of curiosities. Pentagram table

This is getting interesting right? At least for me it was getting better and better. He gets this table to a lady to look at it and see how much it was worth it. They find out that inside there are 3 books and the lady calls a friend to come look at them because he knows a lot more about them. Apparently the books are valued at 10.000$ which for Nick is a good thing since he’s in need to pay off his debts, and we found out that there should be a 4th book. All together would have sold for 100.000$. These are some ritual books that we know it is for summoning something or someone, and when the deal/pact is complete, the 4th book burns, and this is why it’s so rare.

This is where this episode comes together and it gets very good. Nick and the new guy goes back into the unit searching for the 4th book. Apparently the unit has a “secret” wall that was discovered by Nick hurting his finger on a freaking chair that happened to be in a convenient position to bump onto that wall, revealing that it was “hallow”. After opening this hidden door, Roland tells Nick to be careful and not touch anything or speak to anything if it’s not from the “Natural world”.

Oh my god! This thing is finally getting to action and to spooky things!?!!

They go inside seeing all these crucifixes? (this word sounds weird) on the wall and they slowly advance revealing a huge pentagram on the floor with a red dust circle and a lady without a face.

Amazing right? Apparently nick saw the 4th book, and he didn’t care about at all about this thing on the floor, and his greed lead him to get the book, and doing this, he “Broke” the red circle on the ground, freeing this demon. This makes the “deal” complete with the demon since the book burns.

Roland dies pretty fast after this demon awakes and Nick tries to run out. He finds the exit but apparently the old lady that Nick didn’t want to help with her personal stuff from the unit, locked him in the building. This is how he also dies.

Ok this was a long story and I’m gonna improve in this story telling in the future, I realized that I probably wrote too much about this. But I think it was also important to make my points clear in the next. Stay with me ok ? I’m almost done.

This episode had a few problem. The moment it actually got interesting, it had 10 minutes left. We find out very little about the old man. Apparently he fought for Nazi's and he made a ritual. What was the ritual for? Well we don’t really know, and they’re not gonna tell us about it either.

We know more about Nick, some back story here and there, we even find out more about the old lady than the freaking ritual. Now I’m personally watching these kind of movies/series to find out about stuff. And here, it ended and I have more questions.

What was the ritual actually for? What was the deal? How did the old man tricked the demon to not burn that 4th booked and how did he trapped it there for so long? How long it was there? Now he’s free, so is the world fu$$ed or what?

The episode, focused way too much on other things than the actual interesting stuff around this occult thing. At least that’s how I feel.

Ohh and by the way, the demon, looked way better before growing those tentacles. I think the tentacle thing made it look a little goofy and removed some of that “creepy” picture of it. It was way more scary to think that tentacles are moving inside that body. But ohh well.

In the end, I think the first episode is worth your time, especially if you’re a horror fan. I personally enjoyed it and cannot wait to dig the next ones.
This ends up at a 3/5. A nice, nothing out of the ordinary horror story, that could’ve been way better if they dedicated a little more time to answer those questions.

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