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Know thy self

why knowing yourself is everything in loving yourself

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There is something very sinister about the way we regard feelings esp those we aren’t proud of like jealousy, envy, anger. If you criticize yourself very often, you can be pretty fierce with yourself when you experience such ‘negative’ emotions.

Mostly, we are experts at suppressing our emotions or finding unhealthy outlets for them just to appear above all forms of control. In this new era where love yourself is being purported, there are very few people that are suggesting ways to love yourself. And even those that do jump a very important step, which is to know yourself.

“I learned to be with myself rather than avoiding myself with limiting habits; I started to be aware of my feelings more, rather than numb them.” — Judith Wright.

This is especially true in all aspects.

There are very few things you can achieve in the journey for self-love without first knowing yourself. Paying attention to your own self and all your perfect quirks. A lot of people are aware of themselves but do not fully know themselves. Which can be fine but can also cause you huge setback in times where you are confused as to how something makes you feel or why you feel the things you feel.

In knowing yourself, the first step is to spend time alone and constantly review your thoughts and behavior. Review conversations you’ve had and various situations you’ve experienced to fully understand how each made you feel. It’s basically like getting to know someone else except this time, it’s you.

I’ve often studied myself and my feelings trying to actively understand why I’m feeling a certain way over a situation. It’s hard sometimes because naturally, I’ll rather ignore all of those but it’s a huge part of self-examination that can only bring about self-acceptance ergo self-love.

Logical conversations with yourself about yourself is an option — I know it sounds crazy but you really can’t hide from your own self and that alone is liberating. Some people are genuinely truthful in confessionals depending on who they are talking to. other’s arent because there’s an invisible urge to ensure that the other person sees them in a certain way. If you are in the latter group, then it’s important that you engage in self-examination to build self-love. Be kind to yourself. Understand that you are a vessel for love and growth and in other to fully establish yourself in that path, you need to first know yourself.

Emotions are reactions. your body and mind’s reaction to something external. It’s intrinsically connected to your core and ignoring them is ignoring yourself. Now, this doesn’t mean that you must exhibit a behavior in response to your emotions. But it does mean that you must understand it enough to understand things that are good for you or not.

In relation to others, empathy only blossoms where there’s self-love. You can only truly love others as much as you love yourself.

So, Meet yourself — Study yourself — Know yourself — Love yourself.


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