Celebrity recognition using VGGFace and Annoy

2. The cropped faces are sent to a model called VGGFace. This model provides encoding for the faces in the form of an array of size 2048. 3. The encoding are stored and indexed using a library called…


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Major Train Accidents and Railaways Safety in India

The fatal accident that killed 288 people in Balasore, Odisha on June 2, once again raised questions about Indian Railways' safety.

However, in the past years, there has been a continuous decrease in the number of people who died due to rail accidents but the number of accidents is remain when it comes to India. Indian Railways seems unable to provide safety .

In a total of 1800 railway accidents in 2021, more than 1600 people lost their lives, the report of NCRB shows, The causes of rail accidents include explosion, collision with a train, the collision of people on the track or passing over, and falls from the train.

India's railway network is the fourth largest in the world after the USA, China, and Russia.67368 km long Indian Railways network is divided into 17 zones, and more than 1300 trains run daily in India, which 2.25 crore people of India travel daily. In such a situation, the matter of its safety is important but Rail accidents in India so far show the immaturity of the security system of the railways.

The train accident in Bihar on 6 June 1981 is considered to be the world’s second-biggest rail accident, On 6 June 1981, seven bogies of an overloaded passenger train fell into the Bagmati river at Balghar in Bihar due to a cyclone, overcrowded passenger train was traveling from Mansi to Sahars. According to some reports, 800 people lost their lives in this incident, out of which the bodies of some people were never recovered.

On 8 July 1988, the Peruman train accident took place in Kerala in which the train derailed on the Peruman bridge and fell into the Ashtamudi Lake.100 people died in this accident, and about 200 people were injured, the exact cause of this accident could not be ascertained.

20 August 1995 The Delhi-bound Firozabad train accident in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh occurred at 2:55 a.m.The Kalindi Express collided with a Nilgai during the journey after derailing from Firuza Bad and suffered a brake failure and the train stopped at its place, At the behest of Cabin Mail Gorel, Assistance Station Master S.B. Pandey gave the green signal to Purushottam Express which ran on the same track as the Kalindi Express, After this Purushottam Express collided with Kalindi Express from behind with a speed of 70 km per hour. 358 people lost their lives in this accident Although some reports put the death toll unofficially at 400.

This train accident took place on 2 August 1999 in Gasal. The accident was caused by the collision of the Avadh Assam Express with the Brahmaputra Mail train while running on the wrong track. Due to high speed, both the trains exploded as soon as they collided and the bogies of the train were thrown in the air, Passengers of both trains fell into the nearby buildings and fields, and 290 people lost their lives in this incident it is said

The accident took place near Valigonda in Andhra Pradesh when a train derailed while crossing the tracks that were washed away in a flood, Seven bogies of trains drowned in water due to which 100 people lost their lives.

15 coaches of Howrah Kalak Mail derailed at Amazon Taiwan on 10 July 2011 at 12:20 pm report states that in this accident 70 people died.

150 people lost their lives in the Indore-Patna Express accident in November 2016, this accident was caused by the derailment of the train.

The accident took place between three trains, which included Coromandel Express 12841, and Yesvantpur Howrah Express 12864 along with a goods train, The death toll in this accident was reported to be 288, while around 900 people were injured.

Rail safety in India is an important question that should be discussed seriously.

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