Parent Caregivers and The Secret War in Holland

There is a beautiful story called Welcome to Holland. It describes finding out that that your newly diagnosed child with a disability won’t be the healthy child you thought you were having. The…


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Video Marketing Climbs the Social Ladder

Social media has introduced a whole new ecosystem of video distribution and dispensed with the “one size fits all” approach to video creation.

On top of channeling the user’s voice, video marketers are becoming savvier about formatting their content for social media. They are embracing a multi-platform strategy that produces several versions of a video, each one adapted for different play lengths and dimensions. Snapchat and Instagram are apps, and sites like Facebook and Twitter are “mobile first” destinations. All of them have limits on runtime, and most encourage their users to publish video in mobile-friendly aspect ratios — which are more vertical than horizontal.

Marketers need to optimize every video for its target audience. This applies as much to delivery as it does to content. Since there are more environments where consumers can interact with video, it is essential to meet them at every possible turn. Video distribution requires equal measures of tactical planning and casting a wide net; a comprehensive multi-platform strategy can yield maximum visibility and conversions.

Over a decade ago, businesses produced videos much like they were traditional commercials; they created a single piece of content, uploaded it to their video player, and waited for the views to rack up. But today, videos can grow on many platforms and marketers are more proactive about targeting their viewers. Analytics have also made it easier to validate a video’s ROI, correlating it with any increases in sales, leads, or brand awareness. Video does the most for marketers who invest in the entire process behind the product, not just the product itself.

The mass adoption of social media makes it a great tool for marketers to achieve their video goals. These networks attract billions of monthly users, hence they can capture major segments of any target audience. Social media has disrupted the way we communicate, and by extension, it has reshaped how we engage with content and make decisions. It is a crucial addition to any video marketing plan.

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