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Do I have Imposter syndrome?

A personal reflection on fighting doubt

Photo by Silviu Zidaru on Unsplash

I own a green leather bag. It’s meant to be a shopping bag from reputable UK retailer, but the make is so exquisite that almost everyone does a double take after seeing it.

It was a present from my Big sister, nicknamed Vitamin L, that’s a story for another day.

She had given me the bag after noticing that I was going to work with a much more common every day shopping bag, which was obviously too light and too small to hold all my belongings.

I honestly didn’t want to use the bag as I felt it was out of my league, but I needed it.

I woke up this morning and saw the bag and felt a bit out of sorts. While I know that I can’t afford the bag, I wonder if other people know that and I wondered if people elevate me to a higher stand not knowing the true nature of my bank account.

But then I did a double take and felt blessed instead. I chose gratitude.

An article from Hbr defined ‘Imposter syndrome as doubting your abilities and feeling like a fraud.’

All my life I’ve received love from others unconditionally. I’ve had people choose to relate with me even though I didn’t think I had anything to offer them. So many persons have been kind to me.

And God himself, the ruler of the universe. He loves me and dotes on me. And if there is indeed something like impostor syndrome, I might be the biggest impostor in the world.

One of my Dad’s favorite Bible verses was this, “when a man’s way pleases the Lord, he makes his even his enemies to be at peace with him”

I am blessed and highly favored, beloved of the most High and I’m loving it.

I wrote this a while back but doubted if it had any place anywhere and I decided to publish today.

Stop doubting yourselves Ladies and Gentlemen. Stop doubting what you should or should not have and what you have achieved.

There’s a proverb in Tiv, that says ‘the food of the frog does not climb trees’. This means that what belongs to the frog is not above his reach.

If it comes to you, it’s for good reason.

Stay grateful, stay humble, stay graceful!

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