Video Marketing Climbs the Social Ladder

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The Trauma Train Stops Here

Mindfulness is the secret parenting weapon of the future.

“There are few of us who come out of childhood unscathed.”

— Brené Brown

One of the most eye-opening moments in life is the awareness surrounding your own parents’ fallibility. The epiphany that parenthood is no different from any other phase of life we enter entirely unprepared. Mistakes are made, and you learn as you go, but when you’re a child, you revere your parents as people who have their shit together.

They’re not projecting some misplaced trauma onto me — I must have done something to have caused them to say or treat me this way. They know what’s best — they’re the parent.

It feels like a freight train slamming into the side of your consciousness when you realize they’re human. People who did their best but also may have fallen short in giving you, as well as themselves, the tools to separate from an inflicted upbringing.

My hope for the future of parenting is reclaiming life by dealing with trauma instead of passing it on to our children.

Easier said than done. Many will go their entire lives without ever acknowledging the transfer of trauma they weave into the fabric of their own parenting. It’s also not always the case of neglect or abuse but could be ways of thinking that are unconsciously projected. Ideologies preached to their children because it was ingrained into them, but not necessarily from the voice of their own heart.

One of the strongest strategies we can learn to help us parent from a place of authenticity is cultivating the practice of mindfulness.

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