Compile AOSP dialer with Gradle

As you might now AOSP and by inheritance, LineageOS uses makefile based build system to build system components like apps. I wanted to play around with the AOSP/LineageOS dialer code to add some…


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Take Me and Bathe Me in Dreams

Oh, to someone give my body and soul
a celestial wash from head to toe.

Dip me in warm and pristine water
inside out and upside down.

Shake me gently and hang me up
high on an ethereal clothesline.

Let me sway in a gently blown breeze
and leave me, dreaming and glowing,

to drip and dry as long as I please.

Divinely baked I begin to transcend
my body, and soul renewed.

Like oiled clockwork I am
now able and willing to brave
anew, this mercurial world.

A universe, brimful of stories
flies at me or past me
and bids me to catch them;
their sorrow, joy, laughter and pain,
and to put pen to paper,

fingers to keyboard,

and narrate them all over again.

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