What We Can Learn from the Tennessee Head Football Coach Search

The events surrounding the head coaching search at the University of Tennessee serve as a great learning experience.


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Jingo Unchained

Brown on white aggression,
my redneck cousins share
as proof of Muslim evil
from Britain First's dark lair.
I try to laugh it off,
they must be unaware
those videos were proven false;
they didn't seem to care.

I woke up the other morning,
then checked my Twitter feed,
and saw the scariest thing
that I have ever seen:
the same old hate-bait movies
shouting from my screen,
posted by the President,
upheld by Huckabee.

"The threat is real" she said
"even if that post is not."
A monumental statement
from the very top;
fake news endorsed by leaders
to serve their jingo plot;
the post-truth era brings
an end to critical thought.

Studies shared on Facebook,
condensed into a meme,
peddled as the cold hard truth
it spreads to every screen.
I read the study at the source,
irrelevant statistically,
when I confronted him he said:
"Don't take things so seriously."

Sometimes I eat onions
and laugh until I cry,
but sometimes juicy apples
are onions in disguise;
grown in shady orchards,
distributed online,
juice dribbles down square jaws,
then little children die.

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